Books! Books! Books!

Notice the date of this post. Yep, that’s right, two posts in the same month. I’m a making progress! (Shhh … I am! ;))

As I mentioned in my last post, I was super low-key about Replayed‘s release because of a lack of available funds for promotion. So I just released it and hoped for the best. Now I have two more books to add to that list: The Eclipsed & Nightmare Thief.

If you click on the covers below, the links will take you to their book pages where the blurbs and buy links are all nice and organized for any who are interested.

And also in book-y news: The first two books in my Cosmic Love Series are up for pre-order. You can click on their covers as well for links.

Aaaand … if you’re on NetGalley Cosmic Love and Stardust will be live on the site beginning May 22nd.

I guess that’s it for now …

Until next time … love to all of you!