Cosmic Love & Stardust is LIVE!!!

Cosmic Love and Stardust is here! That’s right, it’s LIVE!!! 

Book Page HERE 

*Audiobook release should be any day. It’s just waiting on quality check within ACX.*

I was planning on doing a lot more online promotion for Cosmic Love & Stardust than my previous two book releases, but unfortunately life got in the way … yet again. At the beginning of July, I was hospitalized with what I now know is MS, and there was also an incidental finding of a pituitary tumor. So, yeah, I’ve been a bit busy with appointments and other medical stuff, and any willpower I might have had to do promotion has disappeared into the ether. But despite all of that, I’m still excited to put this book baby out into the world!!! *happy dancing*

I guess that’s it for now …

Until next time … love to all of you!